The Advanced Options feature is located in the Search bar of Veritone Discovery, and allows you to add additional search criteria to your query to get more precise results for specific engine categories. 

The current supported categories include:

  • Logo Detection

Within this Category the supported engines are:

  • LogoGrab ( support date September 2019 )

Please note that searching by a logo's location will require you to have NEW engine data from the supported engine(s) outlined above. 

To use the Advanced Options feature: 

  1. Click on the Veritone Search bar and select the Logo or Object category. 

  2. Click the Advanced button on the bottom left

  3. Once selected the Advanced Options pop up will appear.

Using Advanced Options

Area of Interest:

The Area of Interest feature allows you to draw a bounding box on the example image in order to only include search results that occur in this section of the screen.

This feature can be extremely helpful when:

  1. You need to track and verify a specific type of sponsorship that occurs in a defined location on screen.

  2. In video surveillance, if you are monitoring a doorway or other Area of Interest for specific objects and want to filter out all other objects founds.

To Create a New Area of Interest:

  1. To begin adding your Area of Interest, click the "Add Area of Interest" button.  Upon clicking this button the bounding box tool will highlight over the example image. 

  2. Using the bounding box tool, click and drag the bounding box to the appropriate size and shape that you desire. Then drag and drop that bounding box to the location where you would like to find matched results. 

  3. Once you are finished click "Save Area of Interest"

  4. You will be able to see the Area of Interest and it's Coordinates to the right of the example image.

To Edit an Area of Interest:

  1. Click the Pencil Icon on the Coordinates container

  2. Make your changes using the Bounding Box tool

  3. Click "Save Area of Interest"

To Delete an Area of Interest:

  1. Click the Trashcan Icon on the Coordinates Container

Search by Confidence:

Using the Confidence slider, you can set a minimum and maximum value for the search results you would like matched. 

  • Note that by default Veritone will include all confidence percentages with your search result

  • Pro Tip:  If you are looking to define a threshold of a higher confidence percentage, aim for a threshold that falls between 75% - 100%

When would you use this?
To help you remove unwanted search results that might be incorrect or have a lower confidence.

To Reset all Advanced Options:

You can remove all Advanced Options on any search pill by clicking the "Reset All" button located on the bottom of the Advanced Options pop up. 

Viewing your Results in Veritone Discovery

After you have conducted a search using the Advanced Options on a supported Cognition Category, you are presented the results in the form of a mention or search result in Veritone Discovery. 

Where you can see your matched results:

Engine Results: On each Mention or Search Result you are presented with the matching location(s) in which your match was found, and a confidence threshold of the lowest and highest confidence match found on your result.

Logo and Object Cognition Output:
Within your Search Result or Mention, the location, confidence, and matching thumbnail will be return to you in each match.

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