Why Add a Search Result to a Collection?

Collections are a great way to share Mentions or Search Results with colleagues who may or may not have Veritone access. Customers can curate Collections of Campaign highlights, live Mentions, and more!

You can add Mentions in the Discovery App to a Collection and then curate and share this Collection through the Collections App.

How to Add a Search Result to a Collection

1. Find a Search Result to share by conducting a Search:

2. Click on the Three-Dot Action Menu and select Add to Collection:

3. You can add the Mention to an existing Collection by selecting the corresponding checkbox and clicking Save:

4. You can also click Create a New Collection. Click Save and the Collection will appear in the Step 3 window. Follow Step 3 to add to your Collection:

5. Once saved, you have added that Mention to your Collection. Navigate to Collections by using the App Switcher:


  • Like in Search or Watchlist view in Discovery, you can also Trim and edit clips in the Collections App.

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