What is a Library?

A Library is a collection of Entities that an organization is interested in recognizing within their media. Entities may consist of People, Audio, Logos and Objects.

How to Create a Library

1. Once you log in, navigate to the Library App through the App Switcher:

2. The Library App will open in a new tab. On the Library App homepage, select Create Library towards the top-right corner of the page:

3. This will open the Create Library console. First, name your Library in the designated field at the top. Next, select which Entity Type your Library will consist of by selecting from the corresponding drop-down menu. Add a description for your Library into the designated field if desired:

4. When all relevant details have been entered, click the Save button at the bottom-right corner.

5. Once your Library has been created, add Entities to begin recognizing within your media! See our article on how to create an Entity to learn more.


  • Do not create Libraries with multiple Entity Types

  • Manage Libraries over time to ensure engine integrity.

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