What is the Download Feature?

The Download feature in the Discovery App enables users to quickly access mp3 or mp4 file versions of their media. Downloaded files can easily be shared with any desired recipients (internal teams, clients, etc.), extending their reach and value.

How to Download Media from Search Results or Watchlists Mentions

1. Enter a Search Profile to perform a generic Search OR select a Mention from an existing Watchlist:

2. Once you’ve located the Mention that you’d like to download, click on the Three Dot Action Menu at the top-right corner of the Mention box and select Download:

3. Once the Download has completed, you can find the mention in the Downloads folder of your computer.


  • Please note, this feature will only download the media file, not the transcription or other data. 

  • Audio files will download as .mp3’s and video files will download as .mp4’s. 

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