What is the Export Feature for Search Results?

The Export tool in the Discovery App enables users to quickly and easily export transcripts from their Search Results with a few simple clicks. 

Depending on their needs, users may choose to export their transcripts in a variety of formats, including .txt (plain text), .ttml (Time Text Markup Language), .vtt (WebVTT) , or .srt (SupRip Text).

How to Export Transcripts from Search Results

1. Enter a Search Profile to perform a generic search:

2. Once you’ve located the Search Result that you’d like to export the transcription for, click on the Three Dot Action Menu at the top-right corner of the Mention box and select Export:

3. This will open the Export and Download modal. Click on the arrow icon at the bottom right-hand corner of the Export Format Selection to open:

4. Once expanded, click on the arrow icon next to the engine name: 

5. This will open a pop-over window with a list of file formats. Select the format(s) of your choosing by clicking on the box(es) directly to the left of each. Selected formats will appear listed in the field above, as well as checked in blue in the boxes below:

6. Once you’ve made your selections, click out of the pop-over window. If desired, you may also elect to download the corresponding audio and video file by enabling the File Download toggle. You will know that it has been enabled when the toggle appears in blue:

7. Once you’ve made your selections, click the blue Export button at the bottom right corner of the page. Your files will download as a .zip file to the Downloads folder on your computer.


  • The Export feature is only supported for media owned by your Organization. You are not able to leverage this tool for media processed outside of your Org.
  • The Export tool is not currently supported by Bulk Actions, so you will need to export transcriptions on a Mention-by-Mention basis. 
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