What is the Export Feature for Watchlist Mentions?

The Export tool in the Discovery App enables users to quickly and easily export transcripts from their Watchlist Mentions with a few simple clicks. 

Depending on their needs, users may choose to export their transcripts in a variety of formats, including .txt (plain text), .ttml (Time Text Markup Language), .vtt (WebVTT) , or .srt (SupRip Text).

How to Export Transcripts from Watchlist Mentions

1. Select the Watchlist you’d like to target from the Mentions view (or default view) in Discovery.

2. To Export the transcript of a select Mention, click on the 3 Dot Action Menu. Next, select Export from the list of options.

3. This will bring you to the below screen. From here, click on the downward facing arrow to select a format type. You will be able to select .txt (Plain Text), ttml (Time Text Markup Language), .vtt (Web VTT), or .srt (SubRip Text). This will enable you to export transcription as a file download in the selected format.

4. Toggle ON the Enable File Download option to also extract the mp3 or mp4 from the platform.

5. Click Export to download the transcription and file to your local computer drive. This will automatically download to the Downloads folder on your computer as a Zip file. 


  • The Export feature is only supported for media owned by your Organization. You are not able to leverage this tool for media processed outside of your Org.
  • The Export tool is not currently supported by Bulk Actions, so you will need to export transcriptions on a Mention-by-Mention basis. 
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