What is the Export Feature for Watchlist Mentions?

The Export tool in the Discovery App enables users to quickly and easily export transcripts from their Watchlist Mentions with a few simple clicks.

Users can export transcripts in the supported formats:

  • .txt - Plain Text

  • .txtAvid - Plain Text for Avid

  • .doc - Word Document

  • .docx - Word Document

  • .ttml - Time Text Markup Language

How to Export Transcripts from Watchlist Mentions

1. Select the Watchlist you’d like to target from the Mentions View (or default view) in Discovery:

2. To Export the transcript of a select Mention, click on the 3 Dot Action Menu. Next, select Export from the list of options:

3. This will bring you to the screen below. From here, click on the downward-facing arrow to select your preferred format type. Generally .txt or .doc/x will be the preferred text formats:

4. Toggle ON the Enable File Download option to also extract the mp3 or mp4 from the platform:

5. Click Export to download the transcription and file to your local computer drive. This will automatically download to the Downloads folder on your computer as a Zip file:


  • The Export feature is only supported for media owned by your Organization. You are not able to leverage this tool for media processed outside of your Org.

  • The Export tool is not currently supported by Bulk Actions, so you will need to export transcriptions on a Mention-by-Mention basis.

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