Bug fixes and performance improvements

  • When editing your Watchlist, if you changed from All Media to Programs your information would not be saved when exiting the workflow. All fixed. 

  • When creating a Watchlist from the search bar and your local time was PM, the watchlist naming convention would be incorrect. This is now fixed

  • In our Azure Environment, when generating a share link the page would display a 500 error. 

  • When exporting a Mention/Watchlist the "Buy" column did not display any data


Bug fixes and performance improvements

  • In our Azure Environment, when sharing a collection the shared link page would not display properly.

  • Due to a small update on Facebook's side our mention sharing was not working properly, this is updated and working correctly. 


Ability to apply resizing to head group 

This will help the user save time as they now have the option to apply the resizing to an entire head group instead of individually resizing a persons head throughout the video.

  • Click on an auto detected head

  • Select the option to "Resize head group" from the "more menu" 

  • Once the option is selected, the resizing will be applied to the head group which is highlighted on the right hand panel when the user clicks on the auto detected head. 

Timeline now shows all 3 digits of milliseconds

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