Visual support for image files in Illuminate

The table view and donut chart in Illuminate now display a visual icons and segments for images, when they are present in an org.

Expandable / contractable sidebar

Users can now adjust the width of the sidebar by dragging its right border.  

Ability to add Illuminate-specific configurations

Administrators can now add Illuminate-specific configurations to the configuration section of the Admin App. Specifically, this adds the ability to store access credentials for the Amazon S3 export destination.

Bulk Tagging

Users can now select one, more or all files in Illuminate's table view and apply new or existing tags to those items.

Filter by Tags

Users can now filter by tags in Illuminate's table view. Upon choosing a tag by which to filter, Illuminate's table view will only display items that have the currently selected tag applied.

Bug fixes and performance improvements

  • Previously, when a user selected an empty folder in the sidebar, the dashboard cards did not update and instead displayed information from the previously selected folder. With this fix, the dashboard will display information of the selected folder, even if that folder is empty.

  • Fixed an issue whereby the shading that appeared when the user hovered the mouse over a folder in the sidebar was the incorrect length.

  • Fixed an issue where the Total Number of Files card did not display the correct number.

  • Refactored various CSS code for optimization reasons.

  • Optimizations to the way that tags are displayed in Illuminate's table view.

  • Various formatting and styling improvements to Illuminate's table view.

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