Veritone’s proprietary aiWARE platform provides an extensible software infrastructure that empowers organizations to deploy turnkey and customized end-to-end, AI-enabled solutions to solve their unique industry challenges.

No matter your organizational, security, or technical needs, aiWARE offers portability providing flexibility and control of location, storage, scale, and more to Veritone customers and partners.

What deployment models does aiWARE support?

aiWARE supports both public cloud and hybrid (both cloud and on-premise) deployment models. We’re able to offer this flexibility due to the platform’s hub and spoke model. 

aiWARE’s architecture is comprised of two components: Core and Edge. These components can be deployed virtually anywhere to centralize or decentralize your AI infrastructure - and with aiWARE Edge, scaled infinitely.

aiWARE Edge is the brain of the platform, ingesting data locally wherever it resides and cognitively processing it with Veritone’s ecosystem of cognitive engines. Deploy one to many to scale up your throughput and/or leverage multiple points of data ingestion - from the cloud to on-premise. aiWARE Edge can be optionally hosted by Veritone or by you.

aiWARE Core is the command center of the platform - cognitively processed metadata output by aiWARE Edge(s) is stored in a Temporal Elastic Database (TED) and made available via API or in native as well as third party integrated applications for intelligent data analysis. One aiWARE Core supports one to many aiWARE Edge implementations. 

On what cloud infrastructures does aiWARE run? 

aiWARE is readily available for Amazon Web Services (AWS) Commercial, AWS GovCloud, and Microsoft Azure GovCloud deployments, and for the right engagements, extensible to private cloud environments hosted on any of the above infrastructures. Talk to your sales representative to understand if this makes sense for your use case.

In which cloud infrastructure provider data centers and regions does aiWARE run?

AWS Commercial Data Center Locations

  • USA: East 1 and Northern Virginia

  • UK: West 2 and London   

AWS GovCloud Data Center Locations

  • USA: Gov-West 

  • Note: AWS does not give a definitive location for this DC other than it is in the 'Northwestern part of the US'. 

Microsoft Azure GovCloud Data Center Locations

  • USA: Virginia 

For the right engagements, aiWARE can be hosted in additional AWS or Microsoft Azure regional data centers - talk to your sales representative to understand if this makes sense for your use case.

Is aiWARE FedRAMP certified?

Yes, the aiWARE platform has received Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) Authorization. The Department of Justice (DOJ) served as Veritone’s initial sponsor agency partner, and aiWARE Government is now available in the FedRAMP Marketplace for other federal agencies to use. Learn more.

What Veritone applications are available for which deployment model and environment?

To learn more about Veritone’s suite of cognitively-enabled applications visit

How does the cloud-based aiWARE deployment work?

For cloud deployments of aiWARE, the full aiWARE technology stack runs in Veritone's multi-tenant cloud account, in a specific AWS Commercial, AWS GovCloud, or Microsoft Azure GovCloud regional data center. 

Users can access the full ecosystem of Veritone cognitive engines to process their data.

How does a hybrid cloud and on-premise aiWARE model work?

For hybrid deployments of aiWARE, the two components that make up the platform, aiWARE Core and aiWARE Edge, are deployed in a hub and spoke model. 

aiWARE Edge, the data ingestion and cognitive processing center, runs in a local, customer-owned environment keeping raw data behind the firewall. Cognitively processed metadata and telemetry are sent to aiWARE Core, the indexing and analysis center, in a Veritone hosted public cloud instance including AWS Commercial, AWS GovCloud, or Microsoft Azure GovCloud. 

Network-isolated cognitive engines are available to process customer data.

On what hardware does aiWARE run?

The aiWARE platform technology stack is set up bespoke to fit a customer’s or partner’s use case and infrastructure. Your sales representative will work with you and our engineering teams to scope what is right for your use case.  

I’m not sure which deployment model is right for my organization, who can I talk to?

Reach out to us at [email protected] to be connected with a subject matter expert in your industry to discuss the right solution for your use case.

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