Why Filter Search Results by Date Range? 

Filtering enables users to find and pull content faster. Filtering by Date Range allows users to hone in on desired spots within their media, while excluding irrelevant results. 

You can use Filters to pull a specific spot from a particular date, look through a specific station’s Mentions, and more!

How to Filter Search Results by Date Range

1. Enter a Search Profile to perform a generic search:

2. Navigate to Filters and click Basic:

3. Click Date Range and set whichever parameter you would like by clicking on the downward arrow next to All Time:

4. To select a specific Date Range, click Custom:

5. Click on the date field to open the calendar view: 

6. Click Apply Filters to apply the added filters to your search results:


  • Leverage the Date Filter in conjunction with Search by Time to find content occurring at an approximate time on a given date.

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