What Are Market Filters?

Applying Market Filters enables users to refine an ad-hoc search by geographic or market area to view all corresponding results. This can be especially helpful when tasked with sorting through multi-market results across your media or locating spots in a specific market for airchecks.

How to Filter by Market

1. First perform an ad-hoc search by entering a Search Profile into your search bar, such as Search by Keyword or Search by Time (or both).

2. After your Mention results have populated, navigate to the left-hand sidebar titled Filters. Then click Markets to open the Market search options.

3. Type in your desired Market and press enter or return on your keyboard to display results. Below a series of options will appear related to Market, each with a checkable box.

4. Check each relevant box corresponding to your desired Market to include in your Filter. Repeat Market search as necessary to continue adding Markets to your Filter.

5. Click Apply Filters, the blue button at the bottom of your panel, to apply your changes to your search results.


  • You can always target multiple Markets together to show cross-market results as needed. To add a new Market Filter, just type in the additional Market name(s) as you did with the first selection, and check the corresponding box next to the listed Market(s).

  • You can apply any combination of Filters to Search Results. For example, if you can apply a Date Filter or Station Filter with your Market Filter.

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