What Are Market Filters?

Applying Market Filters enables users to filter by market area to view all corresponding results within a select area. 

This can be especially helpful when targeting the Public Media Index for competitive insights and lead generation. Market filters are also useful if you are tasked with sorting through multi-market results across your private media.

How to Filter by Market

1. Start by conducting a search using keywords and/or the Search by Time option. For this example, we’ve searched for a key phrase “breaking news”.

2. After you click Add to start your search, navigate to the left side panel to apply a Market Filter or any other Filters you wish. You can do this by clicking on Markets to view all available options. Type in a market name in the provided entry field to narrow your selection. Be sure to click on the box next to the listed market and then click Apply Filters to apply your selected Market Filter to Search Results

Please note: you can always target multiple Markets together to show cross-market results as needed. To add a new Market Filter, just type in the additional Market name(s) as you did with the first selection, and check the corresponding box next to the listed Market(s).

3. This will update your results displayed in the center of your screen to reflect your applied Filter. You will know that your filter was successfully applied when you see a pill bubble pinned to the results bar at the top of the page. 

In this example, we can see that we applied “1 Market” Filter. To clear your applied Filter at any time, just click on the X in the pill bubble. This will refresh your results to display exactly as they did prior to applying a Market Filter.


  • You can apply any combination of Filters to Search Results. For example, if you would like to apply a Date Filter as well as a Station Filter with your Market Filter, you can absolutely do that!
  • When searching against station-owned multi-market results, you should first apply the My Media Filter (Basic > Index > My Media) and then apply corresponding Market Filters to narrow results to your private media in those selected markets only.
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