Using AND logic in Search enables users to find multiple Search Terms within the same context or media file.  

1. Click on the Search Bar at the top of the page and enter Search Terms ("breaking news" in this example) into the Search Bar. Click Add to search:

2. The inputted Search Terms will appear within a Search Pill within the Search Bar. Click on the Search Bar again to add an additional Search Term (i.e. "traffic report"):

3. The operator placed in between Search Pills will be set to AND by default. Click on “AND” to adjust your query. If you want to modify your search, select the “x” for each Pill to remove it from the search engine. 

This will adjust your Search Results and show results that include both "breaking news" and "traffic report" in the same Mentions:


  • To refine your Search, apply Filters including Index, Date Range, Station, Program and Market.

  • When Search Terms include more than one keyword (i.e. a phrase), be sure to enclose them within Quotations to indicate to the platform that the sequential order of those words should be respected.

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