Why Look at Engine Output?

Users can leverage engine output in the back-end to see how to optimize their Search Terms both in the Data Center as well as the Discovery App.

Veritone’s Data Center App is used to upload, process, and manage your organization’s media. Each media file has its own Media Details Page where users can easily reprocess engines, download media, and view engine output.

How to View Engine Output on the Media Detail Page

1. To view engine output, open the Data Center App and click on the App Switcher at the top-right corner. Then select Data Center from the drop-down menu:

2. From the Data Center App landing page, use the left sidebar to browse media in your organization’s account:

You can also use Filters to narrow down results:

3. Click on a file to open the Media Details Page:

4. Click through the Engine icons in the top-left corner of the Media Details Page to view the output for each engine:

5. Use the icons in the top-right corner to reprocess engines, download the media file, or view the file’s metadata (additional details about the file):


  • To reprocess any files with errors, click into the file’s Media Details Page and reprocess the media.

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