Bug fixes and performance improvements

  • Translate had incorrectly assigned the .pdf file extension to .docx files upon download, for bulk translation jobs only. This issue has been resolved.

  • The status report (csv file) that is included in the download for bulk translation jobs has been modified to improve readability.

  • For bulk translation jobs that failed, we've disabled the download button for those jobs on the History Tab (because there's nothing to download when a translation job fails).

  • For translation jobs that failed, we now provide the user with the ability to delete those jobs from the History tab.

  • When single translation jobs are ready for download, the download icon now turns blue - just like it does for bulk translation jobs.

  • We've made behind-the-scenes enhancements that prevent users from accidentally disrupting the file upload process.

  • On the History tab in the File Output field, "PDF" had been incorrectly displayed for pdf file translation jobs. Pdf file translation jobs output docx files, so now "DOCX" is correctly displayed in the File Output field.

  • Translate now has the ability to be turned on or off in each org (default is off).

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