Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • BUG: We fixed a small bug that caused the new Verification Charts in Veritone Discovery to not render properly when viewing the dashboard or printing the chart.

  • BUG: When using the search by Location feature and including a "Full Text Search" location was not displayed in your search result.

  • BUG: Sometimes in Veritone Discovery, when you would attempt to export a single Mention from the search result page the export would not start.

  • Enhancement: On the New Mention Detail Page, we added a confirmation when trimming the duration.Let user confirm before exit trimming

  • Enhancement: Auto Scroll is now defaulted to on when opening the New Mention Detail Page

  • Enhancement: On the New Mention Detail page you can now click on the player bar to jump to different times of the mention while in trim mode.

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