New Feature: Bulk Export to Local Desktop Computer
Illuminate now supports bulk exporting to the user's local desktop computer from directly within the Illuminate UI. This means that users can select one or more files and export the media and related transcription assets (TTML) to their local desktop computer.

In Illuminate, users now have a total of 3 export destination options available: Export to Amazon S3, Export to Azure Blob and Export to Desktop.

New Feature: History Tab

Illuminate users can now keep track of their bulk export jobs via the new History Tab. On the History Tab, users can see the status of both historical and active export jobs, as well as access the exported media and related transcription assets. 

For users that choose to export to their local desktop, exported media and related transcription assets can be downloaded to their local computer from the History Tab. For users that choose to export to Amazon S3 or Azure Blob, a link (URL) to the relevant repository is available on the History Tab.

New Feature: Case Navigation and Breadcrumbs

Illuminate users can now better identify which Case is currently open and its path in the Case tree by leveraging the new Case Navigation and Breadcrumbs UI. 

Case selection and navigation can now be accessed via the blue briefcase icon at the upper-left of the window, while users can easily see with Case is currently selected by referencing the breadcrumbs directly to the right of the briefcase icon.

Bug fixes and performance improvements

  • The Sunburst visualization on Illuminate's Analytics tab did not properly resize when the web browser window was resized by a user. This issue has been resolved.

  • Illuminate's bulk export function would sometimes incorrectly assign the .mp4 extension to MP3 files. This issue has been resolved.

  • Illuminate's admin config has been extended to support storage of Azure Blob credentials.

  • Illuminate's bulk export engine has been enhanced to more efficiently reference org-specific information from an org "integration".

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