New Feature: Multi-Metric Charts

Attribute now boasts a new library of charts providing users with not only a better visualization of their campaigns but also improved insights. Every aspect of the application's analytics, from Web and Daypart to Placement and Creative, have been overhauled to better illustrate the potential relationship between broadcast advertising and the direct consumer response.

Importantly, Attribute users can more smoothly interact with their campaign data enabling them to analyze performance from several dimensions such as Users, Visits and Ads metrics or by various views of time to gleam additional learnings and help guide optimization decisions.

For example, benchmarking against historical web activity prior to the start of the campaign has never been simpler. With this update, users can easily 'Compare Dates' from another period outside of the campaign and evaluate whether the campaign is effective based on various KPIs.

New Feature: On-Air Lift Analysis

As part of the chart enhancement initiative, we thought it was important to equip users with a straightforward visual that demonstrates the effectiveness of on-air advertising and the impact it has on web activity. We achieved this by providing metrics on web activity during the campaign period when ads aired versus a period before the campaign without ads.

The net result is an intuitive graph that averages visits or users with ads and without ads, to showcase potential lift.    

New Feature: Hybrid Calendar

Improving the usability of the calendar, we introduced date fields to make it easier to quickly input the desired dates. With this update, users can either input dates or select a range and apply the change to create a campaign or view data for a specific time range. The option is yours!

Today, users are informed to when an advertiser connects its data source, for example Google Analytics, only while they're in Attribute but what happens when the user doesn't have an active session in the application? Previously, users were uninformed to the connection if not actively in Attribute. 

To better inform users as to when an advertiser connects its data while they're outside of Attribute we now provide them with an email notification as well.  

Upon connection, users will receive an email alerting them that their advertiser is connected to Attribute with an access button to easily view to the advertiser's data.

New Feature: Campaign Summary Metrics in Reports

We recognize the importance of summarizing campaign performance and what better way to do that than to include them in the reports. Exported PDFs and PPTs will now include these top-line campaign metrics for internal and/or external sharing.

Bug fixes and performance improvements

  • Addressed an issue whereby updated campaigns were referencing expired ids causing the 'Invalid data source' error when selecting media in the data drill down

  • Improved code to address a one-hour station local time offset when updating campaign information

  • Optimization to cease backend processes when the campaign name is edited 

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