November 15, 2019 - aiWARE Core

Simplified configuration of aiWARE Core component services, reducing hosting costs and increasing operational efficiencies

Leverage the new simplified configuration of the aiWARE platform component, Core, that houses applications, APIs, services, and more is now available in AWS US Commercial’s developer, stage, and production environments to:

  • reduce costs for Veritone and customers hosting aiWARE

  • increase operational efficiency and simplicity for DevOps.

In the AWS US Commercial production environment alone, 65+ servers and compute tasks were reduced to 3-5 servers, which translates to a 95% monthly cost reduction for eventing services, in this environment, and to a significant simplification of the system.

We have simplified the deployment of Core into three main components:

  1. Core Apps  - includes all Veritone applications and third party applications that have a backend.

  2. Core API - includes GraphQL, Job, Search, Media, and Admin functions.

  3. Core Eventing - includes Mentions, Trigger, and Eventing functions.

A simplified view of the historical Core deployment approach can be seen below:

The new Core deployment approach can be seen below:

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