New Feature: Geofence

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this capability, geofencing provides the ability to specify a geographical space or boundary for location-based marketing efforts.

Today, we're happy to announce Attribute's latest enhancement; geofence. Integrated as part campaign setup, users can optionally apply a geofence at a macro level such as Country or State or at a micro level such as County, City, Metro or DMA. These varying degrees of geographical targeting enable users to select the area best suited for location sensitive campaigns. As ads air, only data like Ad Visits and New Ad Users from the selected geofences will apply toward the campaign's overall performance.

Data outside of the geofences will be disregarded in order to showcase the influence that the geofence locations had on the campaign.

Importantly, Attribute will only account for the ads that occurred within a station's market. If a geofence is set entirely outside of the station's market area, visitor data may be accounted for if applicable, but ads will not be represented in the campaign given the ads are associated with the station and its respective market area.

Campaign Setup

As part of the campaign buildout users are presented with an optional step to set a geofence. To establish a geofence, either search by the name or click the area to drill into its underlying properties followed by making a selection. Selected geofences will appear as a pin on the map and added to the 'Geofences' section.

Geofences can be set at various geographic levels and channels. Geofences can only be set within one channel (i.e. Metro).

Metro: Nielsen defined city (or cities) whose population is specified as that of the central city together with the county (or counties) in which it is located 

  • Country (USA only)

  • County

  • City

DMA: Nielsen defined Designated Market Area regions are the geographic areas in the United States in which local television viewing is measured.

  • Country (USA only)

  • County

  • City

Standard: A standard hierarchy of geography.

  • Country

  • State/Region

  • County

  • City

By default, Attribute will automatically allow web traffic from unidentified locations; however, such data can be excluded by deselecting the checkbox. Data will be classified as 'Unidentified' in the event that the device location is not identifiable.

Campaign Dashboard 

To assist in visualizing the applied geofences, a new GEO section will appear on the campaign dashboard. Here, users are provided with performance metrics like Ads, Ad Visits and New Ad Users in order to evaluate the impact or contribution of each location. 

Applied geofences can be explored with more granularity by click on the desired location. Locations with the highest concentration of Ad Visits will appear the bluest.

Additionally, any of the metrics can be clicked on for a drill down of the underlying data as well as exported into a CSV for out-of-application uses. 

At any point in time, users may edit a campaign to modify the campaign's geofence by including or excluding locations.


Lastly, the campaign's geofence information is included in the 'Reports' section and downloaded as either a PDF or PowerPoint for internal or external distribution.

We're thrilled to expand Attribute's capabilities with this rich enhancement and augment the value it adds to campaigns! 

Enhancement: Campaign Summary Cards and Updated Tooltips
We applied the charts color scheme to the campaign summary cards for improved campaign continuity as well as refined the tooltips (hover over the 'i' icon) to be more descriptive of the metric. Additionally, we reordered the cards to be more logical.

New Feature: Chart and Table Exporter
When interacting with a specific chart or table an export button will illuminate in the upper right corner enabling the download of the object in a CSV, PNG or JPG format. This enhancement equips users with built-in application tools to download CSVs or images which can be assembled into user curated reports, presentations or attachments.

We hope that you find these improvements to Attribute valuable and we welcome your feedback via chat support or email: [email protected]


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