This release includes various bug fixes and performance improvements.

Bug fixes and Performance Improvements

  • Previously, when attempting to download a batch translation job, if any one of the files in the batch failed to translate then the user could not download the files that did successfully translate in a single operation. We've resolved this issue so that users can download the full batch in a single operation, even if one or more of the files in the batch failed to translate.

  • Translated files are no longer renamed by Veritone Translate, preserving the original filenames as they existed at time of upload. There is one exception to this: in native document translation scenarios where a user uploads a docx file and a pdf file of the same name, the Veritone Translate will add ".pdf" to the filename of the resulting .docx that is generated as a result of translating the pdf file. For example, if the original filename is original_name.pdf, then the translated file name is original_name.pdf.docx

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