A new way to take action on Mentions:

We have completely updated the way you verify and edit mentions in Veritone Discovery. The new Mention detail tool enhances your mention experience by combining editing and trim functionality into one powerful and easy to use interface. 

With the Mention Detail page you have the ability to quickly take actions on the Mentions inside your Veritone Discovery Watchlist in order to view, edit, and collaborate in a single place. 

This tool can help with the following:

  • Viewing the Transcription Engine output on a Mention

  • Trimming the duration and engine output of a Mention

  • Sharing the Mention externally

  • Trimming and Downloading a small portion of a Mention

  • Rating and Commenting on a Mention

  • Adding additional details and Verifications Statuses to a Mention

  • Adding a Mention to a Collection

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New App Header Bar

The new application bar brings an updated look and feel to Veritone Discovery, as well as an integrated help icon for tutorials and customer chat. We also updated the app switcher style and alphabetized your app names to help you find them faster.

Search by Location and Confidence of Objects and Logos

The ability to specify the exact location on screen an object or logo appeared can be extremely helpful in determining a more precise search match without the added noise. With our new advanced search option, you can add a "Area of Interest" to your logo and object search in order to filter search results for only matches that are located in the area you specific. Additionally we have added the ability to add a minimum and maximum confidence to your search as well. This can help you only show results that of a particular confidence threshold for more refined results. 

Please Note, if this tool is not enabled for your account, please reach out to your account representative for further details. 

Exporting your Watchlist with Duration and Count:
Understanding the total amount of time a logo or object was on screen for your watchlist and mentions can be highly valuable, not to mention the total number of times it occurred across all your matches. We have included additional metrics in your Watchlist export that allows you to see the total duration and count of each cognition type included in your Watchlist search, as well as a total aggregated count for duration and count for your entire watchlist.

As an example, if my Watchlist included the search term of Pepsi in the Logo category and Bill Murray in the face recognition category, my Watchlist export will give me the total time and count per mention as well as a aggregated roll up of all mentions for my watchlist.

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New app Header Bar:

We have also included a new app bar in Veritone CMS that includes help center and updated look and feel

Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • ENHANCEMENTS: Transcription and Speaker Separation Exports now include enhanced formatting that includes, increased characters per line, line spacing, and start time of each speaker

  • Enhancement: Docx is now supported as an export format in Veritone CMS for Transcription

  • Enhancement: The full field and value name are now included in the Structured Data table on the Media Detail Page in Veritone CMS

  • BUG: You can now add a custom image to your Ads in the Veritone Library app

  • BUG: Descriptions can now be properly removed from Libraries in the Veritone Library App

  • BUG: Shorting the published and unpublished entities in a Library is now grouping properly in the Veritone Library app

  • BUG: Autocomplete is now working again in the Veritone Library search bar

  • Enhancement: Google Analytics tasks are now removed from the filter panel in Veritone Discovery

  • ENHANCEMENT: You can now delete a Collection from the Collection detail page

  • Enhancements: Various search by location bugs and enhancements have been made.

  • ENHANCEMENT: A default 30 day filter has been added to the Watchlist and Search page of Veritone Discovery. This will help return faster search results. Note that this can be removed by simply clicking on the filter pill

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