This release includes the ability to play media files (audio/video) in the aiWARE for Relativity media player without first having to transcode those files.

Ability to play media files in media player without transcoding

Previously, in order to play audio or video files in the aiWARE for Relativity media player, the files had to first be transcoded. Transcoding is both a time and resource consuming process that, while a prerequisite for transcription, places undue load on agent servers if you'd only like to play those files in the media player. With this release, we've removed the transcoding requirement - so you no longer need to transcode files before playing them in the media player (but be sure to transcode your media files prior to transcribing them, as you normally would).

Remember, our aiWARE for Relativity User Guide is always available for your should you have any questions.


If you are your organization's Relativity administrator, download the latest RAP file below to take advantage of these new improvements:

Previous aiWARE for Relativity RAP Files

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