New Feature: Multi-Query Search Filters 

As part of the December 11th Digital Media Hub release, new search filters can be enabled that allow text inputs the ability to query against multiple metadata fields. This would allow a 'Transcript' filter to search against multiple transcript metadata fields instead of being limited to a single field.

The search filter model now supports 'fieldNames' array. If the array has one or more values, these will be used instead of the singular value in the 'field' property. When the 'fieldNames' array has more than a single value, when a search request includes that filter - the resulting query will combine the metadata field values with the OR operator.

Admin App: Enhancements for Email Template Editing 

Admin users now have the ability to modify the email styling elements like font size, font color and link color. Also allow editing of components that contain HTML elements like lists and tables.

When viewing an email template within the Admin App, a new 'Style' tab is available that will display the style attributes. Modification of these attributes will update the template preview window. The styling attributes can also be managed via the CMS Global Email entry for import across multiple templates

Admin App: User Status Display + Activity Log 

Admin users now have the ability to quickly see a user's status when viewing a list of users via the Admin App. The user list page now includes a status column which will highlight if a user is Active, Deactivated or Removed.

Additional, Admin users can now more easily determine when a user was last active on a Digital Media Hub. When viewing a user record, the most recent session creation date and status (active vs expired) is displayed at the bottom of the page. A full list of user activity is available via the 'Activity' link at the top of the user record page. This will include logins and downloads.

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