Feature: Bulk Add to Cart, Quote or Package 

As part of the November 6th Digital Media Hub release, user will now have the ability to add multiple search result items to their Cart, Quote or focused Package. Within Digital Media Hub, the Search Result page will now display a "Select All for (Cart/Quote/Package)" icon. By clicking the icon, the Digital Media Hub UI will display a dialogue box that confirms how many items will be added.

Assets which cannot be individually added to a Cart/Quote/Package based on Digital Media Hub restrictions will also not be added via the bulk add feature.  

Feature: Cart, Quote or Package Item Count Limit 

With the addition of the "Bulk Add to Cart/Quote/Package" feature, it is easy for users to add thousands of assets to a cart. A Cart/Quote/Package with a large number of items provides a bad user experience. It becomes difficult to know what items are in the package and the performance loading the package becomes slow. A configuration should specify a maximum number of items that can be added to a cart/quote/package.

The Site and Account objects now support a "Cart Item Limit" value. If no value is specified the default value is 100. When a user is adding items to a Cart/Quote/Package, those items will not be added if they push the total item count over the limit. Likewise duplication of items within a cart will also fail if that action results in a count larger than the limit.

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