Are you new to Discovery Analytics? Use this numbered guide to learn about the key features and uses. 

1.  Analytics Tab Selection

The Analytic Tab allows you to switch to the analytics view in Discovery. The Dashboards and metrics that you see are based on the Watchlist(s) selected in your left hand panel

2. Dashboard Navigation

All your available dashboards are displayed in the Carousel, this includes the Default dashboard for your Organization as well as any Custom Dashboards your create. Your current dashboard will be highlighted in blue.

  1. If you have a large number of Dashboards created for your Organization, you will need to use the Left and Right arrows that will display in your Carousel to view additional items. 

3. Create New Dashboard

You can create your own custom dashboard by clicking the Plus button. To learn more about creating your first dashboard CLICK HERE

4. Action Bar

You can take various actions on the default and custom dashboards in your Organization. 

  1. Download: You can download the entire dashboard as a PDF or a CSV ( Which will include a separate CSV for each chart in your dashboard.
  2. Subscribe: You can set a subscription to a dashboard by selecting a single watchlist from the left panel of Discovery. To learn more about setting a subscription CLICK HERE
  3. Edit:  For all custom dashboards you create, you can edit and modify your dashboard
  4. Delete Dashboard: If you would like to permanently delete a custom dashboard you can click the Trashcan.

Note that all subscriptions will be removed as well. 

5. Dashboard Scorecards

The dashboard scorecards display primary metrics on the programs, sources, mentions, and impression of your dashboard

6. Dashboard Charts

Each dashboard you have available has fully interactive charts that give you access to important information for your account.

  1. Full Screen: Click the fullscreen button available on each chart to enter full screen mode
  2. Chart Download:  Each chart can be downloaded as a single PDF or a CSV
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