Why Use Analytics?

Veritone’s Analytics Suite transforms your data into informative, easy-to-understand, shareable, and customizable dashboards and reports. Empowering you to tell your own story with your cognitive data.

  • Analytics provides visibility into how your organization delivers advertiser campaigns, trending topics, event coverage, or anything broadcasted on-air that is tracked by Watchlists.

  • Mention Analytics provides a visualization of Mention volume broken out by date, day of the week, program, and media type.

  • Impression Analytics provides a visualization of your media’s audience reach through graphs and charts broken out by date, day of the week, program, media type, age demographic, and gender demographic.

Key Features & Benefits

Live Dashboards

Analytics’ interactive dashboards update automatically, allowing you to easily analyze where your campaign was most effective and compare insights.

Top-Line Metrics

Each Analytics dashboard displays Top-Line Metrics, providing an effortless overview of your campaign data.

Report Downloads

Reports are available for export as a PDF or CSV file via the download button in the top right of your Analytics dashboard.

You can also export any individual graph or table to build your own report externally. Click the download button in the top right corner of each graph bubble to assemble a report that may be more relevant to your specific client or needs.

Dynamic Variations

Each Analytics graph is dynamic and will adjust based on any Filters you apply. For more how to filter Watchlist Mentions, view this guide.

Impression Data Integration

Veritone’s Analytics Suite ingests and correlates Nielsen Impression data with your media, providing deeper insights and unique data visualizations. Details such as audience segments, gender makeup, and Target Demographics seamlessly demonstrate the reach, delivery, or over-delivery to clients with easy-to-use reports and graphs. Learn about our Nielsen enhancements here.

Share with Scheduled Delivery

Subscribe to dashboards to receive curated emails of your reports and data. Insightful, branded reports are automatically created and delivered according to subscription settings for easy assessment. Learn how to subscribe to reports here.

Agency Branding

White-label your Veritone Discovery data using your own logo and branding to provide quality reports in a clean and professional manner.

Custom & Simple

It only takes a few minutes to build unique, custom dashboards for your campaign data that you use most frequently. Select desired charts and graphs to visualize your Mention and Impression data, creating the most effective story for your client reports. Learn how to create a custom dashboard here.

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