February 10, 2020 -- Developer Tools -- Veritone Developer Application

Build AI-enabled apps faster and manage your engine assets more easily with Veritone Developer's unified engines dashboard. 

The new engines dashboard provides one place to access engines and perform multivariate searches for:

  • all engines within the Veritone Engine Ecosystem enabled for your organization including Cognition, Ingestion, and Aggregator engines, 

  • proprietary engines deployed on Veritone aiWARE by you or your team,

  • and Adapters, a.k.a. Ingestion engines.

Search and Filter for Engines

Perform multivariate searches by keyword, engines attributes, or an engine's last update easily with the built-in search and filter functions. 

Filters include: 

  • Engine ID - Search for an engine by its unique ID.

  • Engine Name - Input a keyword or the full engine name to locate it.

  • Status - Find an engine by its state in the approval process - Active, Pending, or Disabled.

  • Type - Narrow down engines by Cognition, Ingestion, or Aggregator engines. Learn more.

  • Cognitive Capability - Discover an engine by the one of over 20 cognitive capabilities it supports. Learn more.

  • Build Type - Search for an engine by whether it was deployed via Docker or the Veritone Automate Studio application.

  • Last Update - Find an engine by the year, month, day, and/or time its build was last updated.

  • Price - Narrow down engines by a price range that fits your data processing budget.

View Details or Take Action On an Engine

Select the engine's row to view its builds and tasks. 

Under the far right Actions column, select the three dot menu to Edit, Disable, or Delete an engine. 

Access the Engines Dashboard Today!

Login to aiWARE's development sandbox, the Veritone Developer application and select the Engines tab in the left hand menu. 

Don't have a Veritone Developer account? 

Learn More

To learn more about Veritone Developer, engines, and cognitive capabilities available on aiWARE, check out the Developer section on our docs.

Have a Question?

Contact us on Slack at chat.veritone.com. 

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