New Feature: Edit metadata for multiple clips 

Digital Media Hub users now have the ability to edit metadata values for multiple assets at once via Collections. When viewing the more menu for a collection, users with the ViewCollectionMetadata permission will see a new View Metadata Summary option. When a user selects the View Metadata Summary option, Digital Media Hub will display a panel that show metadata values for the assets in the collection. 

The fields that display on the View Metadata Summary can be managed via the Asset Field configurations within the Admin App, this allows users the ability to configure the order display of specific metadata fields. If all the assets in the collection share a similar value for a particular field, that value will be displayed. If the asset has multiple values for a particular field, the displayed value will display MULTIPLE VALUES.  

Users with the EditClip permission will see edit icons next to each metadata field they are allowed to edit. 

By default, collections with more than 200 assets will not allow the display of the View Metadata Summary or edit icons. The 200 asset limit can be modified via the Admin App. 

This feature allows Digital Media Hub users the ability to edit metadata in bulk based on the assets within a Collection. 

Improved display of metadata line breaks 

Digital Media Hub assets have metadata values that contain line break characters '\n'. Digital Media Hub will now render the display of these characters as either breaks or spaces. When a user is displaying asset metadata on a search result, collection result, quote, cart, package or order page the '/n' value is converted to a space. When displaying asset metadata on the detail page or within the edit metadata forms, the '/n' value is converted to a line break. 

Admin App: Improved display of User Activities 

When viewing the Activities list within the Admin App, a new Edit Clip filter is available. When the Edit Clip filter is selected, the Admin App will display activity records related to metadata edits. 

The Edit Clip activity records will display the fields and values submitted with the edit request. 

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