Creating Dashboards in Discovery

Creating new dashboards is simple and easy! Each dashboard you create is private to you and customizable, which enables you to focus on the information that's most important to you. You can use dashboards to generate and share reports externally.


  1. Navigate to Analytics for your selected Watchlist, For more info on creating a Watchlist, CLICK HERE

  2. Click the Plus button located on the top right of the dashboard window.

  3. Give your Dashboard a short name, short description, select your graphs and click save

Dashboard Builder Example:

Adding Basic Dashboard Information

Give your dashboard a unique name and description. This information will be included in subscription reports and downloads. 

Adding a New Chart

Each dashboard can be customized with a set of predefined charts, that visualize your mention and impression data to its full potential.


  1. Find Available Charts in the left-hand panel

  2. Select each chart you want to add to your dashboard

  3. Verify the layout & click Save

NOTE: Header Scorecards can only be displayed at the top of the dashboard.

Chart Positioning & Sizing

Once you have made your selection, you can place each cart in the location you desire as well as control the size of each chart.

Moving a Chart

  1. Locate the chart you would like to move

  2. Click and hold the chart to drag it to its new location

NOTE: Clicking on the top portion of the chart by the name is the best place to click and drag.

Resizing a Chart

  1. Find the chart you want to resize

  2. Click and drag the lower right-hand corner of the chart until it is the desired size

NOTE: Make sure your cursor is properly positioned over the small arrow on the bottom right of the chart before resizing.


  1. Navigate to the Chart inside of your dashboard

  2. Click the Trashcan

NOTE: This chart will return to the Available Charts section and you can select this at another time

Saving your Dashboard

  1. Locate the green SAVE button at the top of the page

  2. Click to save and close

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