Veritone Discovery gives you the ability to schedule the delivery of curated email reports per dashboard. These emails contain rich branded PDF deliveries of your dashboards and packaged CSVs of each chart in your dashboard. 

Subscribing to a Report

You can easily create a scheduled delivery of a dashboard by following these easy steps.

  1. Select a single Watchlist on the left-hand panel that you would like to subscribe to.

  2. Click the Analytics tab located at the top of the page

  3. Click the Clock icon located at the top right of your dashboard

  4. Upon clicking the Clock icon the Email Delivery popup will appear

  5. Begin entering the information for your schedule report, this includes

  • Recipients Email: A list of all emails addressed that will receive this report (Hitting enter to confirm each email address)

  • Start Date: The first day in which this email will be sent out

  • Set End Date: An optional end date in which the recipients will no longer receive emails

  • Frequency: The frequency in which the emails will be sent ( Daily or Weekly)

  • Time: The exact time in which the scheduled email will be sent

  • Message: An optional message that will be included in all your emails

6. Click the Schedule button to confirm

Changing your Reports branding

You may choose to change the branding logos included in the header of the PDF reports sent in the scheduled email.

  1. Follow the steps above to set a new schedule or you may edit an existing schedule.

  2. Once the Email Delivery Popup has opened, click the Branding tab

  3. Set the Primary and Secondary logo for the report by hovering over each image and selecting your desired logo

NOTE: The logo selected must fit the desired shape and size of the report header. You may need to adjust your logo using the edit tool after image selection.
NOTE: You can not currently remove the Primary and Secondary logo, you may just replace them with your own. 


Editing your Report Schedule

Editing any aspect of your Report Schedule is quick and easy:

  1. Locate and select the Watchlist your Report is associated with on the Left Panel 

  2. Click the Pencil icon on the top right of your Dashboard

  3. From the Current Subscriptions popup click the Pencil icon on the schedule you would like to modify

  4. Note that you may also choose to Delete this schedule by clicking the Trashcan. This will remove all recipients to this subscription

  5. Make any changes to you subscription you would like, and click Update 

Report Emails

Once you have created your first Dashboard subscription, the recipients set on your schedule will receive an email based on the dates and time set. This email includes:

  1. A screenshot of the first page of your report embedded in the email

  2. A PDF attachment with your selected dashboard.

  3. A zip attachment with all charts as a CSV

How to unsubscribe to an Email Report

If you no longer wish to receive an email report, 

  1. Simply click the UNSUBSCRIBE  button available in the footer of your email. 

  2. You will be redirected to an unsubscribe page, click Yes, unsubscribe me to be removed

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