Enhancement: Updated Campaign Timestamps

Data freshness is important so that you can make informed decisions. With this in mind, we have surfaced information as for when the campaign and its data was last updated. 

Whenever the criteria of a campaign is modified by a user, Attribute will reprocess the underlying data and recalculate the numbers to ensure data accuracy and freshness. When this occurs, we display the timestamp of when the information was last updated. Additionally, Attribute runs every hour on any active campaign to collect advertisers' web data along with newly aired ads to make sure recent activity is reflected in your attribution dashboards.   

See the exact timestamp by hovering over the 'Updated' time.

Enhancement: New Invite Advertiser Email and Flow

Several releases ago, we introduced an 'Advertiser Connected' email to inform you as to when an advertiser granted Attribute access to its Google Analytics. In order to uphold design continuity, we leveraged the 'Advertiser Connected' template and applied it to the 'Invite Advertiser' email and flow.

Invitation Email
Once the invitation is extended by you from within Attribute, the outbound email to advertiser will notify the recipient of the sender (you!) and the company for transparency as well as a call to action to "Connect." The recipient can also learn more about Attribute by clicking on 'Veritone Attribute' which redirects to our product page detailing the application or by emailing support.

Invitation Flow
Using Google OAuth, advertisers can frictionlessly connect their Google Analytics account data providing Attribute read only access.

Setting the Google Analytics Account, Property and View is easy. After these steps a connection is established.

Optimizations and Bug Fixes: 

  • Disabled processing data for advertisers with inactive campaigns (optimization)

  • Enhanced system logic to handle data merges more intelligently by identifying event data from distinct stations (bug)

  • Improved the 'Chart Exporter' function to support CSV downloads generated by PCs with the proper file extension (bug)

We hope that you find these improvements to Attribute valuable and we welcome your feedback via chat support or email: [email protected]

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