Enhancement: New Side Panel

Space, whether physical or virtual, is a valuable commodity. Appreciating this principle, we took the liberty to provide you with even more real-estate by condensing the side panel and creating more viewable space. With this move, we've opened up new possibilities to support additional, future capabilities while still preserving the existing functionality necessary to build and manage your advertisers and campaigns.

This redesigned side panel will serve as a navigational home existing and future functions.
 The condensed panel consists of the following capabilities:

  • New: Enables the creation of Folders, Advertisers and Campaigns 

  • Advertiser: Access to the folders housing advertisers and campaigns

  • Connections: View into the various connection statuses of each advertiser 

  • Settings: Reserved for org 'Admins' user roles to configure the account (not visible to all other users)

Optimizations and Bug Fixes: 

  • Improved app responsiveness by loading data for an individual campaign as opposed to all campaigns (optimization)

  • Addressed an issue whereby set geofences did not display in the campaign setup when edited despite actually being applied on the backend (bug)

  • Fixed minor bugs that addressed mislabeled names or misapplied data (bug)

We hope that you find these improvements to Attribute valuable and we welcome your feedback via chat support or email: [email protected]

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