New Feature: Related Assets  
Digital Media Hub now supports Related Assets, this feature allows the display of additional 'related' assets on the Asset Detail page. The additional assets are related to a primary asset based on metadata. Different configurations can be set to support Related Assets, which include: 

  • Relation by parent/child hierarchy 

  • Relation by event, date, supplier, team, etc. 

  • Relation by similar (bot not exactly matched) descriptive values like title, keywords and descriptions. 

Example Use Case: 

  • A user is viewing an asset detail page for a specific photo, the related sections will show the user "More Like This" related section that will highlight other related photos. 

Each related section has a label, the result count and thumbnails for the first set of results. Each of the results will behave like the standard grid-view search result page: 

  • Includes a thumbnail with metadata 

  • Hovering will display a preview 

  • Can be added to collections, carts, quotes and packages 

  • Download options are available 

New Feature: Search History
Within the global search bar on Digital Media Hub, we have improved the overall search experience by displaying recent search queries within the search bar. When clicking into the search bar, the last five search term queries are displayed. Selecting a query in the drop down will re-run the search. The previous search suggestions are differentiated from the type-ahead suggestions with a 'history' icon.

UI Improvements: Indicate Download Attempt
Within Digital Media Hub, when users visit either an Order Detail page or their Downloads page, they want a per-line-item indication if they have previously initiated a download. This is especially useful for larger orders where the user may download the items over the course of several sessions. 

When a user clicks a download button for an order line item, the UI will display a simple check mark indicating that the download was initiated. An activity record is also created, so on subsequent loads of the order page the order line item will display the proper status.

UI Improvements: Asset History Icon
Digital Media Hub users will now see and Asset History Icon on the Asset Detail page. This will give users the ability to better understand how they have previously interacted with an asset. This initial story displays a simple icon on the asset detail page if the user has previously logged activity against that asset. Future stories will allow the user to display a list of those activities.

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