This release includes the following new features and bug fixes.

New Feature: Tag Export

Illuminate provides users with the ability to tag their files so that they can easily be grouped and searched. Now, with this release, when a user select files for export any tags associated with those files can be optionally included as part of the export as well.

Tags are included in the export's zip file as a comma-separated "side car" file.

New Feature: User-Edited Transcript Export

Illuminate provides the ability for users to edit a machine-generated transcript and save those edits, but previously had no way to include user-edited transcripts as part of an export. With this release, users can now optionally export user-edited transcripts alongside machine-generated transcripts.

User-edited transcripts are included in the export's zip file alongside machine-generated transcripts with "_useredited" appended to the filename.

New Feature: Disable Analytics per Org

In some cases, Administrators might want to disable Illuminate's analytics tab so that it is hidden from view. With this release, Illuminate's analytics tab can be disabled by Administrators on a per org (environment) basis. When the analytics tab is disabled, the files tab becomes the default view in Illuminate.

Administrators can enable/disable the analytics tab in the org config.

Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements

  • Speed optimizations have been made to the Bookmarks tab in Illuminate's file preview.

  • A bug has been fixed whereby users could not use boolean operators such as AND/OR when performing a tag search.

  • A bug has been fixed that prevented users from being able to add tags to a file from Illuminate's file preview.

  • A bug has been fixed whereby the dashboard cards in Illuminate incorrectly reported minutes instead of hours in some cases.

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