This release includes the ability to process your files for machine translation on the Edge, as well as some bug fixes.

Edge processing for machine translation is now generally available

Veritone aiWARE for Relativity provides customers with access to an unparalleled ecosystem of artificial intelligence (AI) engines that make it easy to cognitively enable files from directly within Relativity workspaces. With aiWARE for Relativity, customers can transcribe, translate and perform object detection across audio, video and text-based files, enabled through Veritone’s cloud-based API endpoints in the United States or the United Kingdom. However, for sensitive matters that have strict data residency or security requirements, cloud-based API endpoints might not be ideal.

As a result, aiWARE for Relativity now supports Edge processing for machine translation. This means that customers can leverage the best of Veritone’s translation engines in an on-premise or private cloud environment - satisfying data residency or security requirements - without ever sending data to Veritone’s cloud-based API endpoints for processing.

If you're interested in learning more about Edge processing, please contact your Veritone Legal representative.

And be sure to stay tuned as we work to release Edge processing for both transcription and object detection in the coming months!

Bug fixes and performance enhancements

  • Fixed an issue where the Relativity Media Viewer would not appear after toggling from the Redacted File View

  • Fixed an issue where the Transcode Agent would disable in cases where administrators removed their API key

  • Fixed an issue where cloud transcoding reported an error even though the transcoding job completed successfully in the cloud

  • Fixed an issue where the in-document Translate button overlapped with the document sharing button. This issue only occurred in RelOne.


If you are your organization's Relativity administrator, download the latest RAP file below to take advantage of these new improvements:

Previous aiWARE for Relativity RAP Files

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