Sub-clipping allows the user to select IN and OUT markers along an asset's timeline using the video player in an asset's details page. That selected sub-clip can then be downloaded in the original source format or any other transcoded rendition that has been made available in your account. There are two key functions that are associated with sub-clipping called Packages and Orders, please see the definitions below:

  • Packages: media containers that allow you to store all of your selected sub-clips

  • Orders: requests to download those sub-clips from a package

Access Clipping Features

By clicking on the drop-down menu in the header you will see the above functions featured as below:

  1. Focused package: the package that you are currently working on

  2. Packages: all packages saved in your account

  3. Open your orders: all orders saved in your account

  4. Downloads: a download area for orders that you have requested

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