There are two ways to sub-clip an asset:

  • By opening an asset's details page and sub-clipping from there, see Sub-clip from the Asset Details Page

  • By selecting single or multiple assets and adding them to a package for sub-clipping, see Add Assets to a Package and Sub-clip from There

Sub-clip from the Asset Details Page

From a search results page, click on your chosen asset and the asset details page will open.

  1. At this point, you can add the whole asset to your focused package by clicking ADD TO PACKAGE and following the instructions provided in Add Assets to a Package and Sub-clip from There below

  2. Alternatively, you can use the video player's IN / OUT markers to sub-clip from this page, which is described below

Sub-clip the Asset

The video player has a number of features to help you sub-clip your asset, including:

  1. Play and Fast forward: progress along the video's timeline

  2. STREAM: change the timecode display (when other timecodes are available), e.g. Stream timecode, Source timecode, Seconds, etc.

  3. Skip back and Skip ahead: navigate along the video's timeline in seconds and frames

  4. IN / OUT: set your sub-clip's markers

  5. Play in to out markers: preview your sub-clip

  6. Clear in and out markers: delete your markers start again

  7. ADD SUBCLIP TO PACKAGE: submit your sub-clip to your package for download

Once completed, you can now continue to add further sub-clips to your package by using the same features noted above, e.g. select additional IN / OUT markers along the asset's timeline and click ADD SUBCLIP TO PACKAGE.

Add Assets to a Package and Sub-clip from There

  1. From a search results page, click on the Add to package icon

  2. You will notice that the Focused package icon on the right hand side of the header now displays the asset count in the package. Click the Focused package icon to start the sub-clipping process noted below

You can add multiple assets to a package using the same method.

Sub-clip the Assets

Once you have clicked the Focused package icon, the Current package page will open.  

  1. Next to your selected asset, click on the More asset options icon (the 3 vertical dots)

  2. Click on Add sub-clip markers

A pop up video player will open.

  1. Select your IN / OUT markers

  2. Click ADD MARKERS

Repeat this process for all assets in your package.

To amend the IN / OUT markers on your asset(s) then follow the same instructions above. You will now see that the Add sub-clip markers option is replaced by Edit sub-clip markers which will allow you to amend the IN / OUT markers and click UPDATE MARKERS.

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