Order Sub-clips from your Focused Package

  1. Click the Focused package icon on the right hand side of the header

In the page that opens, and against each asset in the package:

  1. Click the Delivery format/codec drop-down menu to select your desired format/codec for download

  2. Click OVERRIDE DELIVERY FILENAME if you would like to rename the file that is downloaded

  3. Click ORDER THIS PACKAGE. A pop-up box will open asking you to Confirm Package Order. Add Notes (optional) and click ORDER THIS PACKAGE

Other features available in the project page include:

  • CREATE A NEW PACKAGE (add a new package for sub-clips to be added to)

  • DELETE PACKAGE (remove the entire package and it's sub-clips)

  • DUPLICATE PACKAGE (duplicate the entire package and it's sub-clips)

  • SAVE & NEW (save the package to return to it at a later date)

  • Edit package details (rename the package) and other package options including View all Package and Show package comments¬†

Please contact your Veritone representative should you require further information or guidance.

You will now be navigated to your Orders page:

  1. Here you will see the sub-clips in your order processing

You will receive an email notification letting you know that your order is being processed and (once complete), that your order is ready to download.

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