New Feature: Vanity URLs
Digital Media Hub Admin users now have the ability to configure marketing and SEO friendly URLs that resolve to a search, collection or CMS URL. Within the Digital Media Hub Admin App, a new feature exists within the UI Config that allows a user to set up vanityPaths array. The array can be populated with key:value pairs, where the key is the incoming URL and the value is the URL it should resolve to. The UI evaluates the vanityPaths array values when loading the new route. 

New Feature: Dynamic Meta and Open Graph Tags
With the demand for content sharing, Digital Media Hub can now support and allow the Meta and Open Graph Tags that are used for page titles, descriptions and social cars to have dynamic values. Users now have the flexibility to construct these tags to ensure an elegant display of specific data values when sharing content on social platforms. The supported tags for each Digital Media Hub page include: 

  • Title - Used for browser tabs, bookmarks and search engine results 

  • Description - Used for search engine results 

  • og:title - The title of the social card 

  • og:site_name - The website name on the social card 

  • og:description - The description on the social card 

  • og:image - URL for the image that should display on the social card 

  • og:url - URL that viewers will be directed to when clicking the social card 

New Feature: Take Over Message
Digital Media Hub now includes the ability to display a simple takeover message, which can be used to display banner ads or some type of messaging. The takeover should prevent the user from immediately closing the ad/message. Within the Digital Media Hub Admin App, rules can be configured to determine the frequency of the display and how long the display lasts on the Digital Media Hub. Once enabled, the ad or message will display on the screen with a countdown timer and then automatically dismiss. 

New Feature: Disable Video Auto-Play
Digital Media Hub Admin users can now easily disable video auto-play for mobile, tablet and desktop experiences. For example, Digital Media Hub may prevent video auto-play for mobile devices so viewers have more control over bandwidth usage. 

Within the Digital Media Hub Admin App, under the UI Config section, users can now include a ‘player’ section with true/false values for mobile, tablet and desktop devices. The Digital Media Hub code will evaluate the type of OS/browser being used to render a page and reference the player flags to determine if the video should auto-play. This flag is evaluated for video playback on the Asset Detail page, but not the hover preview on the Search Result Page. 

New Feature: Improved Mobile Display
Improvements have been made to Digital Media Hub when viewing on a mobile device, specifically the display of Search Results. Several improvements have been made, including: 

  • Hiding or collapsing sort and filter displays on smaller screens

  • Displaying List View metadata when the Search Result page is in a portrait orientation 

Improved Editing of Pick-List Metadata Values
Improvements have been made when displaying the metadata edit interface for pick-list fields, users will now have an easier time when making selections or removing data fields. 

The pick-list values are now displayed as selectable chips. The individual chips can be enabled or disabled, and the interface now includes ‘Select All’ and ‘Select None’ options for bulk operations. 

Adding values to a multi-value pick-list field

Removing specific values

Removing all values 

Improved ‘Back’ Navigation
Within Digital Media Hub, when a user is navigating ‘back’ to a Search Result page, we now return the user to the last viewed asset instead of the top of the page. This improvement will especially benefit mobile users where Search Results may be displayed in a single column. 

In scenarios where the user navigates to an Asset Detail page from the Search Result page, clicking the Search link in the breadcrumb or the Back button in the browser will now dynamically position the viewpoint to the right asset. 

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