Select your Featured Collection

From the search results page, you can add assets to any new collection that you have created.

  1. First, ensure that the collection you want to add content to is selected as your featured collection (look for the filled in star)

  2. Note that you do not have any thumbnails in your collection tray because you have not added content yet

  1. Once your featured collection is selected

  2. You are ready to add content by simply clicking on the '+' icon on each asset that you want to add

  3. A message will pop up that you have added this piece of content to the collection

As you add assets to your featured collection, the thumbnails will show up in the collection tray

  1. Navigate to your Collection by clicking on the Collection Name

  2. Simply select the '-' icon to remove an asset from your featured collection

  3. A message will pop up that you have removed that asset from the collection

View the Contents of a Collection

  1. Click on the collection drop-down menu

  2. Click View All Collections

  3. Select the collection that you wish to view from the Your Collections page

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