To share an individual asset, the user that is initiating the share must have a DMH account and be logged in to it.

Please note: DMH sharing features are permission based and therefore not all accounts will have access to them. For further help and guidance with sharing please contact your Veritone representative.

Select an Asset

  1. Open an asset's detail page by clicking on the asset's thumbnail from the search results page

  1. In the upper right hand corner of the asset's details page that opens, click on the Asset sharing options icon

Share an Asset

In the Asset sharing box that opens:

  1. Enter the Recipient emails

  2. Enter Comments (optional)

  3. Enter a Project name (optional)

  4. Select Delivery Options (optional). Please note: if no option is selected the recipient will not be presented with download options (not all users will have permissions to provide delivery options to recipients - for further help and guidance with permissions please contact your Veritone representative)

  5. Select Send me a copy (optional). Select this if you also wish to receive a copy of the email notification

  6. Click your sharing option:
    SEND SHARE: this option sends an email to the recipient's email address with a link to the asset (once clicked, a smaller Asset sharing box will open displaying the recipients email addresses. Close this box)
    GET URL: this option generates a URL that can be shared with users by pasting it into an email

It is not recommended as preview and download activities cannot be tracked, but an anonymous URL can also be generated by entering a dummy email, e.g. [email protected] in the Recipient emails section. This will enable the sender to use the GET URL feature to generate the anonymous URL which can then be distributed to multiple recipients.

View the Asset

  1. The recipient will receive an email from [email protected]

  2. Click VIEW ASSET

The asset's details page will open allowing the recipient to preview and / or download the asset.

If the GET URL was emailed to the recipient, the asset details page will open directly when the link URL is clicked.

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