About Aspera Connect

Aspera Connect enables the secure connection required between DMH and your device when accelerating content download.

  1. Click the flame icon in the download box. (see How do I download my content?)

If you have not used Aspera software on your device before, you will automatically be prompted to install Aspera Connect (see the next step).

Install or Update Aspera Connect

  1. Click Download latest version

  2. If you have used Aspera software before, you may be prompted to update your software. Click Download latest version

Once downloaded, locate the AsperaConnect....dmg installer file in your device's download folder and open it.

  1. In the Welcome to Aspera Connect Installer box that opens, click Continue

In the Software License Agreement box that opens:

  1. Click Continue

  2. Click Agree in the pop up box that opens

In the Standard Install... box that opens:

  1. Click Install

In the Installing Aspera Connect box that opens, you will see the software installing. Once complete:

  1. Click Continue

The installation was completed successfully box will now open:

  1. Click Close

Configuring Aspera Connect Preferences

Open the Aspera Connect application on your device:

  1. Click Preferences

In the Preferences - Aspera Connect box that opens:

  1. Click Bandwidth

  2. Set your Download Limit to: at least 10% less than your maximum available internet speed

  3. Set your Upload Limit to: at least 10% less than your maximum available internet speed

  4. Click OK

This will help avoid network saturation for other Internet access on your office network during Aspera Connect transfers.  If you do not select a limit, Aspera Connect may use as much of your line speed as is available and may cause issues for other users on your network.

For further information on other Preferences, see Aspera Connect User Guide 3.7.4.

Configuring your Firewall

Some corporate networks implement strict firewall (network security) rules to prevent certain applications access.  Please ensure your network administrators enable the following Inbound / Outbound ports on your firewall, in order for Aspera Connect uploads/downloads to be enabled:

  • TCP/80

  • TCP/443

  • TCP/UDP 33001

For further information, see Aspera Connect User Guide 3.7.4.

Compatible Browsers

The Aspera Connect plug-In supports multiple web browsers including:

  • Safari

  • Firefox

  • Google Chrome

However, it works better on Safari or Firefox. For further information, see Aspera Connect User Guide 3.7.4.

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