The steps outlined below describe how an Admin user can add a user email(s) to an authorization list that will allow a new user(s) to sign up for an account in a DMH portal. When adding an email(s) to the authorization list, the admin user can define the user permissions for the new user(s).

In the Dashboard page:

  1. Click User Management

  2. In the menu that opens, click Registration List

In the Registration List page that opens:

  1. Type in the Email Address(es) which should be space separated if multiple

  2. Type in the Role

  3. Type in the Account

  4. Type in the Company Name (optional)

  5. Click SAVE

When adding new emails to the Registration List, if you need to add multiple emails with different accounts and/or role types, you will need to add each account/role type separately.

Once the above is complete, instruct the user (via the email that they used for the account) that they will need to go to DMH and sign up. (see How do I sign up for an account?)

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