Set up your Aspera on Cloud account with Veritone

1. You should have received an email from [email protected] with the subject: Welcome to Aspera

Note: Please contact your Veritone Account Manager or [email protected] if a new account is needed.

2. From the Welcome email, chose Accept Invitation and follow the instructions to set up your password.

Log in to the Veritone Aspera Files site

1. Go to

Note: If you use Aspera Files with another organization, make sure to verify you are logged into the Veritone workspace. You can switch organizations from the log in screen.

2. Select login with IBMid

3. Enter your email and password and click Log in

4. By default, you will be logged into Aspera Packages. Click the button in the top right of the page to toggle to “Files” and load your Workspace.

5. You’re automatically placed on the root level of your Workspace where you’ll find the upload folders which correspond to your use case respectively (i.e. Videos, Images)

Note: Folder creation and uploads on this level are not permitted and we ask that you work accordingly inside the folders available to you.

Uploading Content

1. Once in your Workspace, you can create folders and upload files from the Files tab.

2. To upload files, click the upload button then browse for files and choose Open.

3. You can monitor uploads in progress by opening the upload sidebar on the right.

4. Complete uploads will show a green check mark in the upload monitor.

5. After a successful upload of all required elements, Veritone Core will discover your media and metadata, create a record, and build all required renditions for your content to become available on the platform.

a. Depending on the size of the media, you should expect your assets to go live on the site within as soon as a few minutes but could take up to a few hours.

b. If there are any ingest errors related to the discovery of your content, the Media Contact for your organization will be notified.

c. Please see your Veritone representative for more details or [email protected] for help.

Best Practices for uploads to Amazon S3

- Your upload requirements for media and metadata are specific to the discovery policy associated with the Veritone Core account you’re uploading to. The discovery policy will dictate what type of media, metadata, and ancillary files are acceptable and how they must be packaged and uploaded.

- When uploaded to the “With Metadata” folders, please ensure all media files have been fully uploaded before uploading the metadata template.

- Metadata templates just be saved as a CSV or XLSX.

File Organization and Naming

- Plan to organize your folders before uploading files. Something like year, month, or event are good ways to group content.

- Never move or rename files once they’ve been uploaded. This will break the connection to the Veritone database and cause files to go missing on the platform.

- Veritone does not support special handling of characters in filenames. Please follow object naming recommendations from AWS below and avoid unsupported characters or excessive spaces.

o Safe characters to include:

 Alphanumeric characters [0-9a-zA-Z]

 Special characters ! _ - * ( )

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