Preview using Speedview

In a search results page:

  1. Hover over an asset's thumbnail

  2. A speedview window will open and the video and audio will automatically start to play

Preview using the Asset Detail Page

Clicking on a asset thumbnail will open up the asset's details page which displays a combination of media and metadata preview tools. Further notes are included below.

Media Preview


Video (and some audio-only preview renditions) are presented in the video player which has either simple or advanced controls. Both video players allow standard play, pause, seek and volume controls.


The asset's detail page can also display PDF renditions for an asset. The PDF viewer allows pagination, zoom and rotation.

Metadata Preview

Metadata can be displayed in multiple ways on the asset's detail page:

  1. Above the media preview in the navigation breadcrumb is the asset's file ID

  2. Directly above the media preview is a format indicator (i.e. SD/HD for video) and an indicator of a rights status (i.e. RIGHTS MANAGED or ROYALTY FREE if rights information is applied to your content)

  3. To the right of the media preview is a list of metadata field names and values (this is a configurable display)

  4. Below the media preview is a tabbed display of metadata field groups. In the below example there are two groups Details and Related. Each group contains a list of field names and values (this is a configurable display)

Timeline Preview

If you are interested in using this feature then please contact your Veritone representative.

For assets that have timeline metadata associated with them, the asset's detail page can display tools specific to timeline searching and preview.

  1. When assets have the timeline function available, to the right of the media preview a Timeline tab will display. Click Timeline

  2. Search all timelines using the search timeline bar. Type in your keyword and press enter

  3. Refine timelines to focus only on what you need to see. Click Filter available timelines

  4. Click on a timeline moment to view it. The video's playhead will jump to the start of the timeline moment

More information on the Timeline moments panel is noted below.

The timeline moment panel will display a list of moments. Each moment will display the following:

  1. In: the start time for the moment

  2. Out: the end time for the moment

  3. A timeline name (AI Transcription, etc.)

  4. The moment's description (in this case the line of AI Transcription)

When a timeline moment is clicked it will change color and the video player's playhead will advance to the corresponding start time. As the playhead advances through the video, an indicator will show which moments correspond with the current time of the playhead.

Above the timeline moment panel are controls for searching, filtering and sorting the displayed moments.

  1. Click the magnifying glass to open the search bar

  2. Click the Filter available timelines to display a list of the available timelines. Enabling or disabling timelines will change what is displayed in the moment list

  3. Click Sort timeline results to change the order in which the moments are displayed

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