Getting Started

To upload your digital files to AWS, there are a variety of tools (both free and paid) to complete this task. Depending on your bandwidth, the volume of content, technical prowess and where your media is coming from, there are more effective ways than others to start your file transfers. We recommend reaching out to your Veritone representative for guidance if you are unsure how to get started.

For a simple way to transfer files, there are a variety of FTP Clients that can be utilized to upload content to AWS. If you are in need of a recommendation, CyberDuck may suit your needs.

If transfer time is a concern, there are optional tools that can be used for accelerating file transfers, however, they do not come without cost.

Accelerated File Upload Instructions (Optional) - Aspera On Cloud

These instructions are for customers who have opted in to utilizing the Veritone enabled Aspera On Cloud account to support the transfer of media files into AWS

See this page for more information on uploading via AoC.

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