This article describes how a Core user can add a hyperlink (e.g. a website URL) to the description field during the YouTube Publish process. The hyperlink can be added through a Core workflow or through the Publish feature. To use the Core workflow feature, please contact your Veritone representative.

Prepare the asset for publishing as per the guides: How do I publish and manage assets on YouTube? During the Prepare the Asset for Publishing step:

  1. Click Description: and select the Text option in the drop-down menu

  2. Type the URL address along with any other information. Please note: the URL can be added at any point in the description. In order to publish onto YouTube as a hyperlink the URL must start with a http:\\ or https:\\.

*Please note: a URL in the Title: will not display as a hyperlink in YouTube

YouTube Display Example

  1. YouTube Description Example: the URL is blue and when clicked directs the user to the site in a separate browser window

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