Core's Timeline Data logging tool allows a user to log free-text, templated or drop-down entries along a video's timeline. These timeline entries associated with the video asset are fully indexed in Core's database making them searchable keyword terms.

Key Features

The Timeline Data logging tool has the following key features:

  1. Timecode Display: There are multiple Stream and Source based timecode displays available including Frame based, Frame number, Drop frame, Non-drop frame and Seconds

  2. Video Player: The video player enables full preview of the asset along with multiple functions including jump to timecode, timecode display, player control configuration, keyboard shortcuts, scrubbing bar, standard player controls, IN and OUT markers, etc. See What controls and configurations does the advanced player have? for more information

  3. Timelines: A basic logging panel which can accommodate entries via free-text

  4. Fast Logging: An advanced logging panel which can accommodate entries via free-text, template or drop down (displayed below)

Click Show next to your Template name to configure the template (see more information below).

Configuring the Fast Logging Template

We advise that you contact your Veritone representative to help you configure your Fast Logging Template and to demonstrate all options available. Below is an example of the raw data that has been built to create the Fast Logging Template example displayed above.

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