View Logged Content via the Dynamic Graphical Display

Whilst on either Fast Logging or Timelines tabs, you will notice that all logged entries appear in a dynamic graphical display underneath the logging panel.

  1. The display can be zoomed in and out by adjusting the number in the Frames per pixel (positive integer)? area

  2. The display shows all entries along their respective Timelines

  3. Click on an entry and the video player's playhead will jump to that entry's IN point

View Logged Content via the Asset Details Page

See Search Timeline Data for more information.

Logged content can also be viewed via a searchable timeline display in your Digital Media Hub account. Please contact your Veritone representative for more information.

Create Subclips

Whilst on the Timelines tab, clicking Create Subclips will open up the Results box below.

  1. Click Copy successful sub-clip report for Excel to copy the information provided below to your clipboard. From there, the information can be pasted into an Excel spreadsheet for viewing and distributing

  2. Click Add new clips to bin "XXXX - subclipped" to create and add these subclips to a bin that is automatically named in the following naming convention: "FILE NAME - subclipped"

See Managing Bins for more information.

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