This release introduces the ability to process your files for machine transcription on the Edge, RelativityOne support for Edge, as well as some enhancements and bug fixes.

Edge processing for machine transcription is now generally available

We're expanding aiWARE for Relativity's support for Edge processing in this release by introducing the ability to transcribe your files on the Edge. This means that you can now transcribe audio and the audio track of video files on-premises or your own private cloud without ever sending native files to Veritone's cloud.

This release brings Edge processing closer to parity with Veritone's cloud, as Edge supports both transcription and translation. Object detection is coming to Edge soon, but is currently only available via Veritone's cloud.

If you're interested in learning more about Edge processing, please contact your Veritone Legal representative.

Edge processing now supports RelativityOne

You can now leverage Edge processing if you're using RelativityOne instead of a hosted instance of Relativity. This supports the use case where you'd like to keep your data in the same geographic region as RelativityOne, but Veritone does not have a cloud endpoint in that region. With this release, you can now host your own Edge on-prem or in your private cloud of choice, connected to RelativityOne, enabling you to meet data residency or sovereignty requirements.

Bug fixes and performance enhancements

  • aiWARE for Relativity now supports the AAC audio file format

  • We've included a "Veritone" user type in this rap file to lessen the likelihood if errors in cases where administrators might have disabled or removed some of the Relativity default user types in their environment.

  • We've removed the "Translation Page Count" field from the "Translation Summary" Excel report. This field only represented an estimated number of pages and often led to confusion for customers that had estimated page count using different methods.

  • We've optimized the timeout period for jobs that are sent to an Edge processing instance to lessen the likelihood of failures when large batches are sent.


If you are your organization's Relativity administrator, download the latest RAP file below to take advantage of these new improvements:

Previous aiWARE for Relativity RAP Files

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