New Enhancement: Creative Dashboard

Building on top of the last release whereby we improved the charting visuals of 'Web', today's release continues on with the same goal of making campaign performance easily digestible and interpretable through Attribute's various lenses.

The 'Creative' section benefits from a newly designed chart that enables you to analyze not only by creative name but also by duration. Choose from different data dimensions in the drop downs to dissect and optimize campaign results. A helpful data table also accompanies the chart to aid in displaying the information in a tabular format. Additionally, the chart and table can be exported as an image or CSV.

New Enhancement: Abbreviated Summary Metrics

To simplify top-level performance metrics associated with the campaign, the numbers for Total Visits, Visits from Days with Ads, Ad Visits, and New Ad Users will be rounded and abbreviated. For example, rather than presenting 1,524,192 Total Visits we'll now represent the number as 1.52m. This change ensures the information is still directionally accurate while ensuring that it's visually digestible.

New Capability: Assigning an Owner to Advertisers of Deactivated Users

From time to time users of Attribute may be deactivated for various reasons, such as terminating one's employment. In this event, all of the advertisers owned by the deactivated user will be accessible to users with a 'Manager' role (or higher).

Found within the Advertiser panel, 'Users in Team' grants all Managers with visibility to an Unassigned folder used to house advertisers of deactivated users that require an owner.

Select the desired advertiser to assign ownership to yourself or potentially someone else. All previously set share rights of who has access to the advertiser will be reactivated.

Optimizations and Bug Fixes:

  • Addressed a bug caused by a conversion time zone issue between Google Analytics and ad air times which affected the numbers for 'Visits From Days With Ads' (bug)

  • Beta testing an upgraded engine (V3) to handle user and system generated tasks like campaign creation and hourly scheduled jobs in a more efficient and expedient manner (optimization)

We hope that you find these improvements to Attribute valuable and we welcome your feedback via chat support or email: [email protected]

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